Director's Message

Last Updated: Thursday, 03 January 2019

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Gambar Pengarah PPAS

Assalamualaikum dan greetings to all.

Dear our valued library members and users,

Farewell 2018, welcome 2019. By now we are ready to review and implement our resolutions that we made at the end of last year. 

Saying goodbye to yesteryear does not mean that we bid farewell to all the good deeds we did.  What was recorded in history is for us to learn what best practices we may continue, or what mistakes we may avoid.

Be consistent in developing good habits, eventually they will grow to be a culture. When we transform ourselves—the way we think, the way we look at things, the way we do things— the effect will be spread to people around us, insya-Allah.

The same thing can be said about libraries. To be transformative, visiting the library needs to be daily functions of our community as important as inhaling oxygen.  Books and library programs should be part of everyone’s conversation the way TV series and social media are.

But first, for a library to transform lives, its goals must be that people feel at home whenever they are in a library. It is a place for individuals to explore, create, and relax. The library becomes everyone’s learning centre where people can tap into myriad of resources available, igniting the mind’s creativity to imagine new ideas and dream big.

Ideally the library is also a public meeting point—a community gathering place, allowing everyone to have a voice and choice in the world around them. The library may even be a recreational centre, where gymnasium facilities and vast options of materials on health and fitness are all available under one roof.

In a nutshell, the library is a knowledge playground, akin to a school that functions outside school hours. As such, the library may position itself to be a human development centre that helps to support and create the world’s future leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, authors, medical professionals, and many more.

To my fellow libraries workmates, rejoice! We are at the heart of our community. We are the source for local information. We have oral history projects where we are recording the memories of the nation. We might be the only place to use a computer for those without the Internet or a PC — maybe for job-seekers, small business entrepreneurs, or simply to download stuff such as exam slips or results, or flight tickets.

We engage our children with LEGO, story time, chicken dance, and we turn them on to science with STEM programs. We do whatever our library users need to help make their lives better.

I would like to thank all the Selangor Public Library Corporation (PPAS) staff members for sticking together through thick and thin. Without your team work and support, PPAS won’t go far.

I would also like to thank all our library patrons. Without your continuous support, the library will be nowhere.

Let the journey of year 2019 be meaningful. Let’s work together and be part of the nation-building agent. Remember, regardless of how much effort you pour in, that’s only 10%, while the 90% comes from our Creator.