About Jom Kita Bincang

Welcome to Jom Kita Bincang! (Let’s Talk About It!) – please join us to explore children’s literature and how to use it to create a better tomorrow. Through workshops, two exhibitions, and at our Swedish little library you can learn about how sustainability, health, and social issues can be furthered through children’s literature.

27 February – 10 April 2024 – a collaboration between the Embassy of Sweden in Malaysia, the Raja Tun Uda Library and the Malaysia Board On Books For Young People.

Workshops for children and parents

Swedish pedagogue, and librarian Ingrid Källström will host seven workshops (one of them is for teachers), where reading and exercises in arts-and-crafts aim to spur creativity and interest in literature. Bring your children along for a fun and educational session and learn the latest pedagogical practises from Sweden.

27 February to 1 March – Workshops for children 5-8 years old, conducted in English. Maximum 15 children per workshop, please sign up at the library at least one 30 minutes in advance.

Swedish little library and exhibitions from Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award

Visitors to the Raja Tun Uda Library can enjoy our Swedish Little Library. Surround yourself with Scandinavian design and read our Swedish children’s books, newly translated into Malaysian. Here you will also find exhibitions on Astrid Lindgrens’ philosophy of ‘Never Violence’ and the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, the world’s largest award for children’s and young adult literature. The award is given to those who work in Astrid’s spirit: with imagination, bravery, respect, and empathy, and maintaining the highest level of artistic excellence.

From 2 March to 10 April, you can visit the Little Library and exhibitions, located the left of the lobby at the ground floor.

Programme Tentative



26 February 2024

Table Header


Arrival of guests
Ketibaan tetamu


Arrival of HE Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia
Ketibaan TYT Duta Sweden ke Malaysia


Arrival of His Highness Raja Muda of Selangor
Keberangkatan Tiba DYTM Raja Muda Selangor

​​Opening Address by HE Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia
Sembah Aluan oleh TYT Duta Sweden ke Malaysia

Royal Address by His Highness Raja Muda of Selangor
​​Titah Ucapan DYTM Raja Muda Selangor

​​Montage video | Tayangan video montaj


Perspectives from local and international organizations
Perspektif daripada organisasi tempatan dan antarabangsa

Moderator: HE Dr Joachim Bergström
Speakers | Pembicara:
1) Ms. Karima El Korri, Resident Coordinator, United Nation
2) Dato’ Ahmad Redza Ahmad Khairuddin, President of MBBY
3) Dr Farah Nini Dusuki, SUHAKAM Children’s Commissioner
4) Honourable Che Puan Sofie Louise, Royal Ambassador of Reading


Panel Discussion | Diskusi Panel
“How Can Children’s Literature Be Used for A Better World?”

Moderator: HE Dr Joachim Bergström
Speakers | Pembicara:
1) Ms Åsa Bergman, Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award
2) Dr Åsa Torkelsson, Country Representative Malaysia UNFPA
3) Robert Gass, UNICEF Representative to Malaysia
4) Mr Jason Wee, Architects of Diversity Executive Director
5) Mr Loh Ken Ming, Director of Community Mobilisation, Teach for Malaysia


Departure of His Highness Raja Muda of Selangor
Keberangkatan DYTM Raja Muda Selangor meninggalkan majlis


Let's Eat | Jom Makan


Lecture session by | Sesi syarahan oleh:
Prof. Dr. Elina Druker, Stockholm University
“Let’s Talk: Children’s Literature as A Way to Explore Children’s Lives and Contemporary Issues”

Lecture session by | Sesi syarahan oleh :
Dr. Sharifah Aishah Osman, Universiti Malaya & Ms. Eda Suhana Sharudin, Universiti Selangor
“Jom Bincang: Malaysian Children’s Literature on Sustainability, Health and Social Issues”


Seminar with Ingrid Kälström | Seminar bersama Ingrid Kälström
“Library Services for Children: Experience & Examples”


End of ceremony | Majlis bersurai